InterUnited​​​​ Academy
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Become a part of this premier soccer Academy  and improve your technical, tactical, and physical skills.

Our world renound coaches have years of experience and will help you become a superior athlete. 
  1. Monthly
    Up to 2 practices per week. *player of Auburndale Scream have special price
  2. Annual Premier Team
    up to 4 practices per week Two uniform complete and bag
  3. Special Training
    This is for specific training & soccer fundamentals. 2 hours of training
  4. Goalie Training
    This is specific training goalies 2 hours of training
  5. International Players U23 MENS
    Try-Out 5 days ofTraining
  6. International & National Players
    Player housing Accommodations Food ,transportation . Training sessions, friendly matches.
    $1500.00 Month
  7. European Try out
    Try-out for European teams. 2 - 3 month preparation prior to travel, and 1-2 weeks in Europe.